Teacher Training
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Teacher Training - Teaching in a communicative way

The training gives you a clear idea of what exactly Communicative Language Teaching is and is based mainly not on the trainer's input but on your own participation in practical communicative activities that you can further use to develop all four language skills - Speaking, Wrtiting, Listening and Reading of your students. 

You also learn how to introduce new vocabulary, teach grammar the fun way, work with video and music in the classroom and get a lot of useful advice on how to stimulate your students' motivation and interest in learning a foreign language.

The training consists of five Sessions.

  • 1st session (4 hours) - Reading
  • 2nd session (4 hours) - Listening
  • 3rd session (4 hours) - Speaking
  • 4th session (4 hours) - Writing
  • 5th day (4 hours) - Vocabulary and Grammar

The training is held each Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

To register for the training call 278-60-04 or send us a request to info@braiton.ru
Certificates are issued at the end of the training.
One session costs 1000 rubles. If you bring your colleague you get a 30% discount.